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Did the size of the check people had to write to the IRS in 2022 cause them to change their W-4 tax forms? Should it have?
As one who has seen and answered several taxpayers concerns, I not only witnessed but encouraged taxpayers to change their W-4 Forms with their employers since it saved many taxpayers from penalties for underpayment and also quarterly payments. It is much easier for the taxpayer to have their prepayments taken each pay-period rather than coming up with a sizeable amount quarterly or at the end of the year and since it may be delinquent, you would be penalized with estimated tax penalties, underpayment plus interest.Personally, I would rather receive a refund than worry about additional penalties.However, if I were to have received a very large refund, I would also adjust my W-4 so I would have access to more of my money (that way I may either invest it or receive interest on it).Just my opinion.
How is it that I made over $40,000 last year but only getting $62 in state income taxes made way less in 2022 but got $500 back? Why?
So many possibilities.As others have said, in general, two types of people get money back: First, people who overpay all year for some reason (most people, and that’s what most people call a tax refund, the government generously refunding their overpayment!)Second, people who the government wants to encourage or take pity on. That is called a credit. When you’re down and out, the government says “how bout we give you $1000 per child you have, because parenting is hard!” Thus the Child Tax Credit. If you’re poor, they may give you a few thousand bucks for being poor, called Earned Income Credit. These are just backdoors to welfare by another name. I don’t even mean that in a bad way. I dream of a tax refund as much as anyone else. One more, Education Credits. If you were in school, they say Yay School! and give you money.So one of the questions I get asked the most is “why do I owe money, I’m just a single guy with no family and not in school working full-time! Why don’t they just tax rich people?” Well, the reality is at that point, this guy is rich people. He may make $15/hr, but with nothing “important” to spend it on, it couldn’t be more fair to tax anyone else! (Unless you believe that taxing none of all evenly is more fair, that’s up to you.)But the government will pay you or give you a discount for basically anything it wants you to do, get married, have kids, buy a house, go to school, give to charity, etc. And they’ll pay you for anything they take pity on: medical expenses, smart debt, moving expenses for a better life…Now this is an important part: with many Credits, you don’t even have to pay in to get the “refund.” Local strip mall tax offices are often crowded with people off the street, walking in with kids that aren’t theirs, and saying, “look at me, I have five kids, let me make up a few social security numbers for you so you can give me $5000! And I’m in school, and we live off $13,000/yr.” Really. The IRS isn’t stupid, but you can only go after so many people a year. And this will stay on their record til the day they die, so next year when they bring different kids or different social security numbers it’ll catch up. But in year one, it often works. Because Credits.Long story short, as you raise the ranks, if you pay the right amount of taxes, your refund will decrease. But more likely you’ll only raise the ranks by making good choices, which will increase your refund. Or you’ll face a disaster, which will increase your refund.
Will tax refunds be larger in 2022 in the US?
That’s an interesting question, because it illustrates one of the basic misunderstandings about income tax in the US.If there’s a tax cut, that absolutely does not mean everyone will get a bigger refund.Your refund (or bill) is determined by two things:How much income tax you had withheld (or paid, if you’re self employed).How much income tax you owed (if this is more than you had withheld, you’ll end up paying when you file).If taxes are cut, such as in the 2022 tax bill, employers adjust the amount being withheld to account for the new rates. This means that in theory, your refund shouldn’t change at all, or at least not by very much. The amount you have withheld from each paycheck may be smaller because you’re projected to owe less taxes.I’ve seen some speculation that because the bill was rushed through so quickly, the IRS guidance to employers on withholding may not have been accurate and even that there was pressure to tell employers to reduce withholding to make it look like the tax cut was putting more money in people’s pockets. If that is true • and I don’t know that it is • then a lot of people may see smaller refunds than expected, or even end up owing when they file. We’ll see whether this is true when people begin filing their tax returns in 2019.
If the reform of filing with IRS was "such" a great financial move for Americans why do we have to change our W4 filing status to "married withholding at a "higher single rate" to avoid owing in 2019?
It would be impossible to answer this without knowing more about your current tax details. If you are projecting to need to pay more tax under the new tax bill then it means one or more of the following situations likely apply to you:Almost all of your earnings come from W2 wages because pass-through business income will be taxed at a lower rate for most business owners.Your taxable income exceeds $100,000 because only 6% of US citizens should expect to see an increase in taxes and those are heavily weighted towards higher income individuals. 5.1% of those making $40 to $50K see an increase but 19% of those making over $1M should expect an increase.You pay more than $10,000 in state taxes annually. By far this is the deduction limitation that is projected to impact the greatest number of taxpayers.I suppose it could also just be that you were already under-withholding in 2022. but that really has nothing to do with the new tax laws.
Why are U.S taxpayers receiving no tax refunds in 2022 due to Trump’s policies?
Joe, your offering a vastly oversimplified and incomplete answer.First, the *EMPLOYEE* and not the *EMPLOYER* fills out the W-4 form that lists the number of exemptions claimed.Second, where were *ANY* announcements to the general public about the *NECESSITY* to update their W-4 forms following the passage of the ‘Tax Cuts and Job Acts• law?Third, do you remember the *HYPE* about *HOW MUCH MORE YOU WILL HAVE IN YOUR PAYCHECK.*Oh yeah, those little nit picky details. No personal exemptions. An *updated* and so called ‘improved• W-4 form *snickers* Yeah, not the fault of John and Jane Q Public at all.
What do I do if an employer refuses to give a W4 form to change withholdings after I claim worker's compensation?
Hmmm• a W-4 and worker’s compensation don’t have anything to do with one another. Allow me to elaborate….A W-4 is for employment wage deductions (taxes). Any worker’s compensation wage benefits are paid without taxes being withheld. Worker’s compensation wages are also calculated based on gross wages (before taxes). If your employer is simply refusing to give you a W-4 form to change your withholding status, you can download the form online, complete it, and give it to your employer.The current 2022 version of the W-4 form can be located here:https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/...Once completed, I suggest scanning a copy, providing the paper copy to your employer, and sending an electronic copy to your HR Director by email (so you have a paper trail).Best of luck to you!
Where do I go to change my W-4 tax withholdings?
You submit a new W 4 form to the payroll dept of the company you work for. This will change your exemptions for 2022. You can print a W4 form online, from the IRS website, but you have to fill out the form and give it to your employer. You cannot just change your exemption online. The payroll dept has to have a hard copy of the W4 on file.
Has anyone noticed their tax cut yet? If yes, what is your income? What state are you in? Conversely, did you taxes go up? What is your income level and state?
The tax cut takes effect starting in the 2022 tax year, for which people pay in April 2022. Their withholding amount might change slightly, but that’s only a prediction of what the final tax bill will be in 15 months.What we pay this April will be based on 2022 income and deductions, and falls under the previous tax code. I doubt anyone will “notice” a change in their taxes for at least a year, because any immediate change (in the amount withheld) will be tiny at best.[Edit]: I just saw today on CNN that the W-4 forms used for estimating your annual tax have not been updated. As a result, even if your take-home pay increases, that might mean you will be responsible for a larger tax bill at the end of the year, and possibly even penalties. Why you'll want to double check your paycheck in February
With the new tax bill, will Americans see an increase to their paychecks? Or will their savings only be realized in 2022 when they do their taxes?
IRS will come up with new tax with holding tables in February. But because exemptions have been removed, your current W-4 with output as S-0 or M-2 are probably meaningless.Ideally a new W-4 has to be designed and every employee should submit the new form.We will know more about IRS plan in the next couple of weeks. But the intent is to get you tax savings by February.
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