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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing W-4p 2022

Instructions and Help about W-4p 2022

Hello you got mr. amethyst Smith the different couple and what we're going to do is show you how over a hundred million of Americans are currently losing money leaving money on the table a 100 million yes and another thing we're going to show you is how you can bring more money into your household with the money that you are already making so that's specially if your business on estates on yes let's dive in now as you can see what we're visiting is the w-4 2022 this came directly off the irs.gov website so this is public information and we just showing you how it works this is the form that you fill out when you first get your job most people only you know just fill it out up with zero one because that's what they're told to do that's what the HR department told them to do because they don't understand so we're just here to give you some understanding just by following the steps just reading instruction and following along the w-4 2022 alright so we're going to do the personal allowances worksheet and we'll just read off line by line exactly what we're supposed to do so starting with a it says enter one for yourself if no one else can claim you as a dependent so the example that we're going to do is a person who is single with no kids and if you're if that's not just an area then just follow along and you know put in what does fit your situation but for this person they can enter one because no one else can claim them as a dependent all right B says enter one if and it gives you three different options the first one says if you are single and have only one job so we'll just stop right there that is the situation with this exact example so we'll enter a one and if this situation doesn't fit you as we stated just follow the instructions and it's you exactly what to do alright see says enter one for your spouse and we'll just stop right there I don't have to read the whole sentence this person is single so we'll put a zero on C alright D says enter the number of dependents other than your spouse and yourself this is for a person who has kids again our person is single with no kids so they will put a zero on C independent also represents your taking care of someone because you might have a unique scenario to where you're taking care of your nephew or you know someone else so just fill it out accordingly step by step next line all right we are on e now he says enter one if you will fail at head of household on your tax returns in parentheses this is C conditions under head of household above which we already highlighted it for you.

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